Bartenders Hall of Fame

Our business, now owned by a third generation of Shinnick's, has been a success due to the support of our many patrons.  Our bar has definitely seen it's share of interesting characters over the many years.  From Nectar Joe and Hollywood Charlie, to Tom the Janitor and Big Tuna himself, we are grateful.  But this page is dedicated to those special people who, over the years, waited on, listened to and sometimes dealt with those great patrons.  We know this list is incomplete.  Stop in and let us know who's missing.

~ A ~

Mike Abramovic

Richie Abramovic

~ B ~

 Mike Bruen

 Pat Bruen

Eddie Burke

~ C ~

Bill Candlish

Danny Carey Jr.

Uncle Jimmy Connors

Fran "Big Dads"Connors

Richie Considine Jr.

~ D ~

Grandpa Mike Dougherty

Jay Derby

Tommy Duddleston

~ F ~

Pat "This one's on me" Fitzpatrick

Joan Florio

Mike "Michaelene O" Flynn

Pat Flynn

Kevin Ford

~ G ~

Bobby "G" Gaggiano

Matt "Chewy" Gaggiano

Marty Gainer

Mike Godfrey

Eddie Grzenia Sr.

Eddie Grzenia Jr.

Jimmy Grzenia

Timmy "Bull" Grzenia

Jimmy Guttillo

~ H ~

Ken Hartwig

Michael Hayes

Fran Healy

Billy Hughes

~ K ~

Frank "The Pearl" Kaminsky

Richie Kavalauskas

"Baby Al"  Kavalauskas

Eddie Keating

~ L ~

Susie Lacy

Jay Lopez

~ M ~

Mike "Loud" McHugh

Steve McKenzie

Elmer Mestrovic

Joey Micetich

Mary Mestrovic-Murrihy

~ N ~

Dave Nemanius

Bobby North

Janice North

~ O ~

Jim "Mums" O'Hara

Bill "Red" O'Keefe Sr.

Dick O'Keefe

Bill O'Keefe Jr.

Jim O'Keefe

~ P ~

Carly Perminas

Dave "Big Bird" Perminas

Mallory Perminas

Molly Perminas

Pat "Whopper" Platt

Kevin Ponkey

~ R ~

Denny Rayl

Dennis "Harry, keep the change" Rogers

Joyce Ryan

Mike "Spuds" Ryan

~ S ~

George W. Shinnick Sr.

Mary O. Shinnick

George W. Shinnick Jr.

Celine D. Shinnick

Aunt Shirley Shinnick-Connors

Uncle Donny Shinnick

Uncle Bobby Shinnick

Tom Shinnick

Nadine Shinnick-Perminas

Terry "Kuba" Shinnick

Tim "Moose" Shinnick

Tim "One Hour" Shinnick Jr.

Celine Shinnick-Flynn

George W. Shinnick III

Mike "Duke" Shinnick

Kathy Shinnick-Duddleston

Joanne Shinnick-Bischoff

Carrie Shinnick-Carpenter

Jennie Shinnick

Kyle Shinnick

Jimmy Schaller

Danny "Book em Danno" Shannon

Danny Sullivan

~ V ~

Joe "V" Vari

Tony "Stubs" Vari

~ W ~

Benji Woods

Billy Woods

Bobby Woods

Pete Woods

~ Y~

Rick Young

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